Thursday, October 05, 2006


Day three, continued at even greater length.

Wednesday's court action cont.:

The prosecutor, Mr Houlder's cross examination of Toby rounded off the morning and continued in the afternoon. Mr Houlder's boring inability to grasp the concept that fencing pliers are used for constructing and dismantling fences rather seemed to hold up the proceedings, but once he resigned himself to this intellectual failure he got on with the rest of it and Toby's evidence finished at about three o' clock.

All that Toby had said about the awful nature of cluster bombs was confirmed by an expert witness in the last part of the afternoon. Rae McGrath was the founding Director of the Mines Advisory Group, which has assisted in post conflict clearance of unexploded mines and cluster bomb munitions, and campaigned for their use to be outlawed. The evidence he gave was necessarily horrifying, although in keeping with legal protocol, given in a 'non-emotive' delivery.
That's about it for Wednesday - so about time we reported on today.

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