Friday, October 06, 2006



Right, we stopped writing about Phil's experience on the witness stand, and we'll complete it later. Right now you just need to know that this morning the concluding speeches were made. To sum up in a couple of minutes, the prosecuting QC did his best to suggest that T and P are the thin end of the wedge, the thick end being suburban mayhem. Anyone for hyperbole?
Ed Rees, defence QC, did a fine job of bringing proceedings back to a more realistic level, and left us feeling hopeful. Hopeful for what? Well, it seems like tempting fate, not that I'm superstitious or anything, so I'm not going to say.
So, that's it for now, jury and lawyers and Uncle Tom Cobley and all are off home for the weekend and so are we - we'll try to get the rest of the proceedings blogged soon, but don't hold your breath because we're a bit shattered. Toby and Phil have promised to relax to the max, and we're trying to get hold of a bucketload of beta-blockers for next week. On Monday morning, the judge will deliver his summing up to the jury, directing them on the points of law, then they will retire to consider their verdict. So, no stress there then......gulp.

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