Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Tuesday evening, 10th Oct.

Apologies to anyone who looked for this earlier and drew a blank, it seems that it disappeared (except for the title when we tried to post it).

First thing this morning, the judge answered the jury's questions from yesterday afternoon. They had asked, though perhaps not in exactly these words, 'does the definition of property include infrastructure jointly used by civilians and the military?' The answer was simply 'yes'. Then he sent them off again to carry on deliberating.

The only other action today was at 3.15 this afternoon when the court reconvened after the jury sent a note to the judge. They told him that they couldn't reach a unanimous verdict and asked him for directions about a majority verdict. The response was that they should try again for unanimity (apparently he's obliged to say that) but if they reach a point where they are sure they can't all agree then a verdict that 10 of them agree on would be acceptable. So off they went again for 40 minutes.

They were recalled, said again that they hadn't reached a verdict, and were sent home until 10.30 tomorrow. Jury thinking time now totals 8 hours 33 minutes. We know because the clerk keeps a stopwatch on them, I wonder if he's running a sweepstake?

More as soon as poss after it happens tomorrow.

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