Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Wednesday Afternoon, 11.10.06. HUNG JURY!

To take today in reverse order, and give you the important news first, at 3.48 this afternoon the court reconvened and the jury announced that they couldn't agree on a verdict, and were in a stalemate. So, the prosecution have failed to prove that T and P's action, the damage they conspired to commit, was criminal, and this trial is over! Result! (Though not necessarily the end of the matter.)
The start this morning was delayed by the vagaries of trains, acts of god etc, and so didn't get under way until 11.30, at which point it was announced that one of the jury had gone down with flu and wouldn't be available for today or tomorrow. The judge decided that the remaining 11 should carry on, and sent them off having told them that the absent juror's contributions up to then shouldn't influence them henceforth. The same instruction was given that he'd like a unanimous verdict but would accept one that ten of them agreed on.
Once they'd gone some reference was made to a banner outside the court reading "IS THE LAW WARFUL?" Mr Houlder said he thought it verged on contempt of court, but his opinion was dismissed by the judge, who said he thought it was rather clever actually.
After a tense day, and 12 hours and 44 minutes of deliberation, the judge accepted that the jury weren't going to be able to agree, thanked them for their efforts and discharged them. And that's that for this trial, though the prosecution said that they'll want a retrial. And T and P were released on bail, not to go within 2 metres of Fairford.
And Phil says a big thankyou to everyone who's been to court, read the blog, sent messages of support, peaceful hands for our banner and generally meant that this hasn't just been about two people's action but rather about loads of people who oppose this war and want to promote peace in the world.
That's about it from the trial blog for now. The website, will tell you more, so go there in future to find out what happens next. See you at the court next time around?

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