Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Wednesday morning

Apparently the jury, the lawyers and quite possibly the judge, in fact everyone except the two you might expect to run away, are missing at the moment so proceedings are going to be a bit delayed while we wait for their roads and railways to deliver them. This may upset the fine calculations made by some entrants in the sweepstake on when the jury will give their final answer. Whether it'll change the outcome's anyone's guess - a juror having a few more minutes of thought before arguing the toss, or perhaps made grumpy by a traffic jam? Who knows? But i do know that the odds Toby's offering on various outcomes haven't changed as a result: evens on a hung jury, 10-1 for guilty and 5-2 against acquittal, which has shortened overnight from 7-2 against. Does this indicate a slightly more optimistic outlook? Or has he just forgotten that he offered different odds yesterday? Either way it's immoral and disrespectful! There ought to be a law against it in fact! Maybe there is? God, i hope not, or i've just informed on my own brother, and i think he's in enough trouble already.

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