Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Day 3

Morning all. I've dragged myself away from the delights of Bristol's most excellent farmers' market in order to report yesterday afternoons doings,before they're overtaken by this morning's and we all get horribly ever-present danger.
So, after lunch we all had a little sit down in front of the telly, watching the video that Phil and Toby had made before their action, which explained what they were going to do, what they hoped to achieve and the reasons why. The jurors appeared very focussed, concentrating throughout the 40 mins tape. It's good to see people paying serious attention, and watching it again reminds us why we're doing this.
Out of time now as the wretched blogger site's beeen scrambled and we need to go to court - more later.

Ok, it's later. There was other stuff yesterday afternoon but it's hard to give the gist of it briefly.
I'm going to leave it until I can get someone else to bend their brain to it, and crack on with today's court action - see next post.

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