Thursday, May 17, 2007


The Management wish to apologise.....

....for the recent disruption to our court reporting service, which is due to factors beyond our control.
i.e. the wifi network we forked out to use has been down, so your fave blogsters have been denied the opportunity to foist our witterings on an unsuspecting public ( come on, you weren't all that unsuspecting, were you?) Such is my urge to communicate with you that I am committing the considerable social faux pas of tapping away on my hosts' computer whilst out for supper - well, I didn't want anyone to think we'd forgotten you, dear readers. However,
i) I think supper's nearly ready
ii) I've left my notes behind
iii) I want to spend time with my friends while I've still got some
so I shall say merely that Toby's cross examination by Mr Blair ended (though not without several further references to leaflets - perhaps our learned friend should see someone about this sorry obsession) , Phil has completed his evidence, and tomorrow will see both sides give their closing speeches. The judge has said he will give his summing up on Monday morning.
My partner in crime blog-wise is currently prepering a far meatier report of today's doings, which will hit your screens asap - fingers crossed for the wifi connection.

Bon appetit, and goodnight.

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