Monday, May 21, 2007


Monday 21st May - all the inaction!

Today was a day off. Well, weekends aren't really long enough, are they? As one of the jurors was unwell the prosecution, defence and judge all agreed to postpone the judge's summing up until at least Tuesday morning, when hopefully the absent juror will once more be well enough to concentrate through what might be a difficult day.

So, without the trial to distract us we've been doing our various things - family things, friends things, and catching-up-with-the-blog things, as you'll see if you read the postings below. A word of warning though: because we got a bit behind with it the chronology may seem a little wonky. To try to help you sort it out, here's A Brief History of Time, The B52two version:

Monday 14th May, jury sworn in, introductory speeches made by prosecution then defence.

Tuesday 15th, the presentation of the prosecution case, jury shown bags of nuts and bolts etc, policeman gives evidence, Phil and Toby's video shown to court.

Wednesday 16th, the defence begins, Toby gives evidence and is cross-examined.

Thursday 17th, Toby's cross-examination is concluded, he is re-examined, Phil gives evidence, is cross-examined and re-examined, the prosecution make a last minute concession.

Friday 18th, prosecution closing speech made, followed by defence closing speech.

Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th, various weekend diversions.

Monday 21st, juror unwell, everything postponed until tomorrow, we hope...

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