Wednesday, May 16, 2007


More - and we're still on day 2

knitnotwar 1,0o0
an art installation project of peace

Because we could do with a bit of something different after a pretty intense morning in court, and just so that everyone knows there are lots of Americans working for peace, here's a picture of some cranes. They're part of a project created by Seann McKeel of Portland, Oregon, who has organised hundreds of people to knit and then felt peace cranes and is gathering together over 1000 of them to form an art installation for peace - more details here:
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, or in this case Tuesday pm at Bristol Crown Court, the prosecution's case continued with another witness, Detective Sergeant Kervin of the MOD police, who had interviewed Phil and Toby after their arrest. He, poor man, has been trailing round the country to all these hearings toting a hefty (and in some cases increasingly smelly) collection of the stuff P and T took with them into the base - these turn up each time sealed in plastic bags and labelled in the approved fashion as beloved of detective stories -'Exhibit A, m' lud.' I'm sure he'll be heartily relieved to get rid of it all at the end of this, and the fencing pliers will certainly come in handy at our place. His evidence was hardly scintillating as it mainly consisted of reporting T and P's 'no comment' s - but he did it very nicely, let's not be churlish about this. The point being that T and P had given all the information in the documents they took with them, and these were read to the court (rather less eloquently, it must be said) by the junior prosecuting counsel. You can read them on the website , go to downloads and they're headed Personal Statements.
Back to court now.

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